Friday, 16 January 2015

So this is mi casa. I arrived yesterday after a delayed flight. I was picked up by Agnes who works for Volunteering Peru along with Carlos who lives in mi casa. They both have other jobs. Carlos began with Volunteering Peru five years ago. Agnes is from Holland but has been here for about seven years. Agnes works in a travel agency, Carlos drives a school bus. His mother and father are lovely and rapid fire Spanish most of which I don't get. 

It is a very friendly house. A couple of other volunteers live here along with Carlos' girlfriend Natalie, who is French but lives here now after a stint volunteering. His sister Erika with her gorgeous 5 year old, Gabriel, is visiting from Lima. So a full house.

I cannot say the altitude has bothered me too much. I have been taking the tablets Julian! I did get tingling in my finger tips. Carlos walked me into town to the Spanish school yesterday afternoon. The city is really interesting with lots of Inca walls incorporated into buildings. I will have  a one-on-one Spanish teacher for 3 hours a day for a week then join a group. They have social events for the students as well. Starts Monday. it is about a 45 minute walk. It does not look like a bicycle is a good idea as the drivers are crazy although not as much so as in Lima. 

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