Wednesday, 28 January 2015


Just having a chat in Cusco

It's funny the things that strike one: there is a railroad track I walk over every day and yet, not until tonight did I see a train. I was convinced there weren't any. 
There are no people living on the streets here whereas in LA there are streets of street people.
The food is very bland - no pepper - no sauces - a lot of carbohydrates because of the altitude.
I am so impressed by the young people who have travelled here. They are all gorgeous and most offer their services as a volunteer.

I am trusting the cards I sent did not get eaten.

I am supposed to bargain but am not too good at it. Mind I haven't bought much as yet.
The fruit juices are great. The coffee not so. There is no fresh milk so I have black tea.
I am especially impressed by the number of people I meet who are working via the internet.
Writers; statisticians; investors and translators and interpreters. It just goes to show that you can fund your travel as you go if you want to.

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