Wednesday, 14 January 2015

An angel called Alonso

I arrived in Lima very very late and dropped my travel bag (the one you are supposed to wear around your waist) somewhere between the hotel and the apartment they offered. It was about 1am so my brain was fried after travelling all day- my only excuse.

I discovered my loss only after checking my emails this morning. Linda had received a Whatsapp message from Alonso with his email address. I emailed back not getting a response so went into freak out mode to cancel cards as you do. I had no money however I did have a second preloaded cash card so went for a hot walk to get some cash. (So glad they give you 2 cards). Returning to the hotel there was an email from Alonso saying he would return my travel bag to the Australian consulate between 2 and 3pm. I confirmed I would be there.

A much less hot walk though much longer and I was sitting in the restaurant next door drinking some chocolate marshmellow confection (so not me) when in walk 3 people and introduce themselves. They recognised me from my license photo. WOW what can I say I was sooooo grateful. I joined them for lunch and am so impressed by my introduction to beautiful Peruvian people. Thank you so much Alonso and Jimena and Ronald. I will see you again in April. Angels come in very handsome packages in Peru. 

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