Tuesday, 20 January 2015

                                      La Floridad No 1

Spanish lessons 

After 3 hours of one on one Spanish with mi profesora, Miriam, I returned home tres fatigue (French you will note not Spanish). It was not my only challenge of the day. Miriam told me where I could get a bus. It was a mini van to La Floridad, the area where I live. I had no idea how much or where to get off. Have you noticed how very small the windows are in those mini vans! I wanted to go to Los Cipreces. A courteous Peruvian told me the price 70 centimos. He also said he knew where I was to get off. I had never driven down this road before and as soon as I saw a familiar landmark I got off grateful for the extra walk home.

                                       La Floridad No 2
Today my Spanish lesson was not at all as stressful for which I am truly grateful. My bus experience was less than by a million. I was directed to the back. As we proceeded more and more and more people got on the mini van. Claustrophobic in the extreme. I forced myself to be calm as it was beginning to really rain!!! Please lets get there quick. I struggled through the throng and escaped the bus with a wet walk not too far to mi casa. Spanish lessons are preferable to bus rides in the rain. I will get a taxi next time. Pheew........
Intrepid Traveller People!!!!
I love the way they build here: La Floridad No 3

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