Thursday, 5 February 2015

The Orphanage Day 1

Finally I have begun work as a volunteer. The orphanage is Juan Paul 11 after the Pope. There are about 45 children here ranging in age from 17months to 16 years. Most are between the ages of 8 and 12. Not all are orphans as some are here because of abuse. One of the little girls I spent time with yesterday was found in the trash and has been here all of her 7 years. They live in separate houses with a "Mami" who looks after them and of course the volunteers who come and go.

In this house the little girls are always very busy creating lots of games for themselves. It is great to see how active they are. Yesterday they had out lots of dolls and built houses for them out of blocks. This is in sharp contrast to other houses in the orphanage where the children spend a lot of time watching TV. The administrators want the kids to be doing things and like the volunteers to engage with the them. This can be a challenge when my Spanish skills are not quite there yet. Getting better though!!!
This little boy was find numbers and writing them down in sequence. He did a perfect job.

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