Sunday, 1 February 2015

Rescued Animals

                                        This is a Peruvian Dog. Not the prettiest dog in the world.
This is an ancient breed. Although it is often perceived to be an Incan dog because it is known to have been kept during the Inca Empire, they were also kept as pets in pre-Inca cultures from the Peruvian coastal zone. 

We walked up the road from Awanakancha to this zoo where the majority of the animals and birds have been rescued.
                                           I had no idea they were deer in Peru. 
                                                             Friendly too.
                                                         Gobbles Cousin
                                                 Scarlet Macaws are Native.
                                     Blue and Yellow Macaws come from Panama. This guy was                                 found in the jungle. They mate for life and he had a mate in his enclosure.
                        This cute little monkey kept hiding his head - that is his long tail. 
                                       It was really difficult to take a photograph of him. 
                                   Here he is all curled up with his show off offsider.
                                   Believe it or not - wild cats are endangered here!!
                    Mr Condor  is 65 years old. I was not quick enough to get him in flight.
                              Mrs Condor only about 20 - he likes younger women!!
                                            The Vicuna lama that is endangered 

                                   Not quite endangered but definitely a rare breed.

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