Monday, 16 February 2015


                            In the orphanage everyone gets into the spirit of Carnaval
Each house has a "Mami" so it is really appropriate they celebrates Comadres Day.
There was a lunch for the whole orphanage and a couple of the "Mami's" got commended for their work over the last year.
Before the main days of Carnaval, there are Compadres and Comadres Day. Compadres Day just took place on Thursday, February 5th, while Comadres Day took place on Thursday, February 12th. Aside from showing signs of appreciation to your girlfriends or boyfriends, or playing pranks on them, the day is characterised by the fabrication of life-size rag dolls satirising certain individuals in the neighbourhood (or local authorities) and hung up in prominent areas the night before. Women (comadres) make the dolls for Compadres Day, and men (compadres) make the dolls for Comadres Day. Generally, the women and the men will each be offered meals or drinks on their respective days.
                          In the San Pedro Markets - the display for Comadres Day
                                               And another representation
For compadres day the week before there were male dolls like this one with Pinocchio noses and lots of alcohol presented.
                                                           Cute kids everywhere

As part of the festivities, children and adolescents play with water, talcum powder, streamers, confetti, and foam. Unsuspecting travellers are often targeted and may find themselves suddenly soaked with water. 

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