Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Kids and Water

It is Carnival here, which means the kids get to chuck water at and over each other. Not content with water bombs they use buckets. The orphanage has it quite well organised as different houses have a go each day. The boys are really into it. The girls do it too. It is supposed to be over this coming Sunday when the town gets to party with water bombs.
There is a  very large dog at the orphanage! Had no idea if he had a name until today - it is Berto. He cops a lot of rumbling but seems to survive it. Some boys were trying to get him to chase the two ducks. He was not too interested. They encourage the kids to play outside as much as possible. They have a vegetable garden in the grounds as well.

The girls were not too interested in the boys and the dog. They just wanted to pose for the camera. So not so different to anywhere else in the world.pin
In the houses the kids have a roster of jobs to do such as sweeping, washing and wiping up. They sweep the stairs and make their beds.

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