Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Amantani - Lake Titicaca

                On the way to Amantani the island we were to spend the night.
When we arrived we were met by a 10 year old girl who was to guide us to her house.
                                   The views along the way were spectacular.

                                         One of the adobe houses a little like ours
We stayed in our own little house with a tiny door you had to bend your head to enter. It had electricity but no running water. It gets down to 1 or 2 degrees at night and the beds had a heavy mountain of blankets. There are 10 communities on Amantani and they take turns to host the tourists in their houses.
               Our view along with braying donkey who was an effective alarm at 6am
                                                 The view from the dinner table
After lunch we all met up again to trek to Pachamama. Amantani has two mountain peaks, Pachatata ("father earth") and Pachamama ("mother earth"), with ancient Inca and Tiwanaku ruins on top of both. You only walk for 2 hours but it is steep as and you climb to 4140metres. It was a tough climb.

Spectacular and so worth it

Pachamama temple and in the distance is Bolivia
With Diane 
                                                      And we stayed for the sunset

And on the way down. Truly magnificent.

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